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The Student Tutorial Online Module Program (STOMP) is an interactive, online “edu-tainment” delivery system which presents content that is specific to identified student learning outcomes for the first year experience. STOMP modules compliment and reinforce academic orientation programs and courses by providing a common stock of information essential to all new students. Because the modules are online, information can be delivered at the time when students need it most, whether that be prior to their enrollment in courses or during their first few weeks of class.

The goal is that these modules, in tandem with new students’ other first year experiences, will ease students’ transitions into the college experience at University of Louisville and help them to understand the academic policies, procedures, and opportunities that will make their time at the university maximally successful. STOMP modules are continually undergoing change and revision so that we can best convey this core information in a way that is engaging, yet informative.

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